The Great Energy Debate

The Great Energy Debate

Energy is a topic that raises passionate opinions but as an engineer you need to be informed.

The moot is “Renewable Energy can provide reliable, low cost electricity for New Zealand without burning fossil fuels”.

As a nation, if we get this wrong, there are serious consequences. We mess up our climate at our peril but, if run we run out of power, our economy collapses with serious social and economic consequences.

Our speakers are well known for their relevant knowledge and experience in the field:

For the affirmative:
John Irving (ME, FIET (UK), former Transpower Board (2003-11) and Power Engineer World Bank/ EBRD (1989-2003))
Robert Tromop (former Head of IEA/OECD Energy Efficiency Unit, Paris and Technical Manager of EECA)

For the negative:
Bryan Leyland (Consulting engineer who has first-hand experience worldwide in almost every form of power generation)
John Boys (Emeritus Professor University of Auckland)

Moderator: John McK. Blundell

This is an Oxford style debate – the winner is the team that sways the largest percentage of the audience – your vote counts!


Date: Wednesday 19 June 2019
Time: 6:00pm for refreshments, 6:30 for presentation and questions
Location: Callaghan Innovation, 24 Balfour Road, Parnell, Auckland
Cost: Free but registration is essential, all welcome
RSVP: Please RVSP here