We are excited to announce EMCONZ 2022, the first electrical & mechanical engineering conference, in partnership with AUT. The Electrical Engineering Group and Mechanical Engineering Group have partnered with AUT School for Future Environments to host their first conference, being held at AUT Conference Centre, Auckland on 15th September 2022. This conference provides an opportunity…
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Going Carbon Neutral: New Zealand’s first High Speed Electric Ferry

Join the Mechanical Engineering Group for this exciting presentation on the first high speed electric ferry in the Southern Hemisphere. It is about to commence sea trials and this 19m long ferry will carry 135 passengers, transiting the Wellington harbour at speeds of 20 knots under 100% electric power.

An engineering assessment Carbon Zero: the dream and the reality

The Climate Commission has given us some pretty sobering recommendations about the steps to reducing carbon emissions but have they done an engineering assessment of their advice?

IMechE Speak Out for Engineering

          Are you a young engineer or an engineering student looking for a new challenge?  Are you a confident public speaker who can engage both technical and non-technical audiences? “SOfE” (Speak Out for Engineering) is a renowned presentation competition organised annually by IMechE to encourage young engineers to  showcase their talents…
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Engineering Apprenticeships in New Zealand | What do the changes mean? What is the opportunity?

Join us to discuss Engineering Apprenticeships in New Zealand | What do the changes mean? What is the opportunity? Since the Middle Ages apprenticeships have ensured the handing over of critical skills from one generation to the next. New Zealand has not been valuing this process at our peril and the government is implementing “once…
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Pastoral Robotics – Award Winning Technology

Recognised by IMechE, Pastoral Robotic’s solution to nitrate leaching and greenhouse gas emissions from dairy farming is a world first. Learn about the solution and the challenges, both engineering and human. NZ technology, known as ‘Spikey’, is solving the nitrogen problem faced by pastoral dairy farming. Recognized by IMechE in London – Spikey was awarded…
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The BOEING 737 MAX Situation – an Independent Perspective

The two accidents involving the Boeing 737MAX and subsequent restrictions on the aircraft have attracted a huge amount of media attention and public interest. This presentation will provide an overview of the accidents and contributing factors. It will also identify the activities that are in progress to solve the situation and return the aircraft to…
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Design for Additive Manufacturing

        Design for Additive Manufacturing The key to the industrialisation of additive manufacturing (3D Printing) Additive manufacturing (AM) is not a drop-in replacement for conventional manufacturing technologies. It has unique possibilities and different challenges. We are lucky to have Olaf Diegal, Professor of Additive Manufacturing at Auckland University and owner of an…
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Caliber Design Tech Talk

Date: 15 August 2019 Time: 6pm Location: Auckland The most facinating part of engineering is what didn’t work, the skill is to learn from this! Simon Hall will share some of his creations and learning experiences as Design Manager at Caliber Design. Mechanical engineering is about creating through applying learning. Simon Hall will share some…
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The Great Energy Debate

Energy is a topic that raises passionate opinions but as an engineer you need to be informed. The moot is “Renewable Energy can provide reliable, low cost electricity for New Zealand without burning fossil fuels”. As a nation, if we get this wrong, there are serious consequences. We mess up our climate at our peril…
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