Swedish solar park gets battery back up

Swedish solar park gets battery back up

19 October 2022 | The Engineer UK

Swedish solar-as-a-service provider Alight Energy and Tekniska verken are adding battery storage to a 12MW solar park in Linköping, Sweden.

The 2MW/2MWh battery is said to make the solar park, which has 30,000 solar panels, the largest co-located solar-plus-storage plant in Sweden.

Battery storage at the site will be operational in December 2022.

Alight developed, owns and manages the solar park whilse Tekniska verken is part owner of the solar park and the battery, as well as grid owner and land owner.

“We are very proud to establish the largest solar-plus-storage plant in Sweden to show how subsidy-free solar and storage is unlocking major opportunities,” said Harald Överholm, CEO of Alight. “By adding storage solutions to our solar parks, we revolutionise the way we produce renewable electricity, making it a force of predictability and grid stability. As solar-plus-storage increasingly becomes a standard, everybody wins.”

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