Electrostatic atomization reduces tool wear and occupational health risks

Electrostatic atomization reduces tool wear and occupational health risks

International Journal of Extreme Manufacturing, 18 October 2022 | Tech Xplore

Scientists from Qingdao University of Technology for the first time summarized the development status and technical bottlenecks of electrostatic atomization minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) to further promote the green transformation of manufacturing industry.

Publishing in the International Journal of Extreme Manufacturing, the team led by researchers based at the Intelligent and Sustainable Precision Manufacturing Lab (ISPM) reviewed the research status of electrostatic minimum quantity lubrication (EMQL), the frontier technology of clean cutting in order to better reveal the unique machining mechanism of electrostatic atomization.

The team mainly carried out the following work. First, the critical equipment, eco-friendly atomization media, and empowering mechanisms of electrostatic atomization MQL are presented. Second, the advanced lubrication and heat transfer mechanisms of biolubricants are revealed by quantitatively comparing MQL with MCF-based wet machining. Third, the distinctive wetting and infiltration mechanisms of electrostatic atomization MQL, combined with its unique empowering mechanism and atomization method, are compared with those of pneumatic atomization MQL. Finally, future development directions, including the improvement of the coordination parameters and equipment integration aspects, are proposed.

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